Saturday, April 21, 2007

Just a Thought

On ESPN2's Cold Pizza yesterday, two baseball "experts" were trying to figure out the cause behind A-Rod's hot start this season. The question asked of the men was, "What has gotten into A-Rod?" I have an idea...

Steroids! I don't think it's that far fetched to believe that the MLB's baby would possibly be on steroids. I now issue my disclaimer that this is all conjecture. I have no facts or support to back this up, but I do have some logic, which I will now draw upon.

A-Rod has all the motivation in the world to be using steroids at this point in his career. He is 32 years old, and starting to enter the twilight of his career. Consider how many players past their prime are on the 'roids (Bonds, Sosa, Giambi), and then realize that A-Rod is no different from the rest of them. To add even more motivation, he plays in New York, where no matter what you do (AL MVP?), it's not good enough. The fact that A-Rod has not delivered any community hardware to the Bronx since he has been there has put him under the finest microscopes New York has to offer. This provides another catalyst for him to foray into the dark underworld of baseball.

In addition to all that, lets just take a quick glance at the numbers as well. Currently, he is on pace for 248 hits, 130 homeruns, and 324 RBIs. All of these, obviously, are MLB records, and probably world records. He won't maintain this pace by any stretch of the imagination, but doesn't it seem a little late in the year to still be maintaining that pace? We are almost one month into the season, and he's still posting numbers like it is Little League. A-Rod has almost double the amount of homeruns as the next closest big leaguer, and has double the amount of RBIs of the man in second. I can't dispute that A-Rod is good, because he is, afterall, a two-time AL MVP; however, this is absolutely ridiculous for a man who averages 192 hits/year, 44 hr/year, and 127 RBIs/year.

Lets suffice it to say that I would not be surprised if come June, July, or August if national headlines read "A-Rod Slapped with 10 Game Ban for 'Roidin'". The only thing that serves as consolation in all of this is that for how good A-Rod has been, the Yankees have been thoroughly mediocre. Yankee pitching is in shambles, the rest of the offense is lackluster, and its only a matter of time before those world famous boos start raining down in Yankee Stadium. At the time of this writing, the Yankees sit 2 games back of first place Boston, and A HALF A GAME BEHIND THE ORIOLES!!!!! Strike up the band and start the parade Baltimore... lets celebrate some good times!


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YAY I can post now -

O's in second place.... I Love Love Love it!!!

I also love that you said "Roidin'"